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Rough Castle and the surrounding woodlands have many stories to tell,
some of these stories have travelled from as far back as Roman times. A subject which is part of our national curriculum.

At Rough Castle you have an opportunity to touch, see and experience history right here on your doorstep.
Join us on a woodland trail in the footsteps of Ancient Rome to the Antonine Wall, a UNESCO World heritage site,
one of only 1000 in the world. Find out what makes this site globally important and why it holds world heritage status.
See the Antonine Wall, understand why it was one of the most awe inspiring building projects the people of Scottish history had ever seen.

Visit Rough Castle, an ancient Roman Fortress home to around 500 Roman Legionaries and Auxillia.
Sample food from their ages, use a metal detector to search for Roman treasure and discover Pictish stones.
Join us as we bring history to life and make learning fun!

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