Explore the history and heritage of our site - Rough Castle Experiences

History & Heritage

Take a stroll where ancient Roman soldiers once marched.

Wander through our 80 acre woodland site and walk in the footsteps of Ancient Rome.
Soldiers once stood here along Vallum Antonini, The Antonine Wall – UNESCO World Heritage Site,
stationed at Rough Castle, one of 16 forts, in defence of the Scottish Clans.

The Antonine Wall – a UNESCO World Heritage site, was the Roman Empire’s north-western frontier.
Built on the orders of Emperor Antoninus Pius in the years following AD 140, it ran for 37 miles (60km) across Scotland’s central
belt, from Bo’ness on the Firth of Forth to Old Kilpatrick on the River Clyde

Explore the woodland paths that run along Military Way and unlock thousands of years of history
as you discover traces of ramparts, steep ditches and the remains of a fort.

Imagine what life was like for both clashing sides – the warrior Picts defending their land,
pillaged by the invading Roman soldiers posted on the remote frontier to claim stake
to Rome’s most northerly outpost under the orders of Emperor Antonius Pius.

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