Foraging Event - Spring Greens - Rough Castle
wild flowers foraged at RoughCastle Woodland
Foraging Event – Wild Flower Brewing
January 24, 2020
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Geocache Easter Dash
February 4, 2020
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Foraging Event – Spring Greens

spring greens foraged from Rough Castle Woodland

spring greens foraged from Rough Castle Woodland


Foraging Event
Spring Greens

28th March 2020
Nature is waking up – spring, now is time to discover the wonderful world of nutritious and tasty spring greens.

We will help you to safely identify edible sprint plants and their non-edible lookalikes and any medicinal properties.
We will also recommend cooking and storage methods so you can sample spring throughout the year.

If we find a suitable Birch tree we will attempt to tap some sap and will explain all about its benefits and uses.

Duration - 2 .5 hours

All walks will include cooking, preserving demos and tasting sessions.

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