Map of Legion

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Dates, Times & Prices

The ticket prices are as follows;

Children aged 0 to 2: Free*
Children aged 3 to 15: £8.50
Adult (16 or over): £18.00
Family (2 adults, 2 children): £48.00
Single guardian (1 adult, 1 child over 3): £25.00

All prices shown are inclusive of VAT and there is no on-line booking fee.

* no tickets are required for children aged 0 – 2

Legion will run from 7th November until 16th December.

The shows will start in 10-minute intervals between 5pm and 9pm. You should expect to be in the Woodland for around 90 minutes to fully appreciate the show. The site must be vacated by 10.30pm.

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Key Information

Event Overview

Join us this November as we celebrate our first event “Legion”.

Legion is our story; join us on an adventure this winter as we bring Rough Castle Community Woodlands back to its former glory, using a mixture of traditional experiences and new sound and light technologies.

Speculation, rumour, and legend has grown within the Roman Empire that a confederation of Scottish tribes named The Picts are creating fear and panic amongst the Roman Legions in the North.

A Roman General appoints YOU, to go beyond The Antonine wall into the territory of the Picts to investigate and report back who the enemy behind the wall really are!

Search the woods. Find the Picts. See the magic.

Rough Castle Experiences – bringing the woods to life.


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Started in AD 140 by Emperor Antoninus Pius, The Antonine Wall  was almost 40 miles in length, running across the centre of Scotland. When it was finished it represented the Roman Empire’s most north-western frontier.

The most complex wall ever built by the Roman Army, come and see it brought to life, experience a light and sound show that will transport you back in time.

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