Past Event - Legion - Rough Castle
family of Segway with the falkirk wheel behind them
Segway at Falkirk Wheel
April 4, 2019
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Past Event – Legion

roman sword light up by pink lighting

roman sword light up by pink lighting



Our flagship event ‘Legion’ celebrated the heritage of our site and saw us voted as Regional Finalist at the Scottish Thistle Awards.

A sound and light show like no other taking you back in time, to when the Ancient Romans ruled over their most Northern British Frontier- The Antonine Wall.
A Roman General appoints YOU! To go beyond the wall! Search the woods! Find the Picts! See the magic!
A fun and interactive sound and light adventure that immersive our visitors in the history of the site and transported them back in time.

Did you know:
We contracted 9 local businesses
Worked with 6 schools and community groups
The event created over 30 jobs
Employed 20 actors
We employed 2 social enterprises
We gave work experience and employment to 6 students from the local colleges
We commissioned a projection mapping team of 2
We commissioned a local artist
We commissioned 5 aerial acrobats
Our event included over 2000 lights and 3200 metres of cables
Brought over 5000 visitors to our site.

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