New pathway construction at Rough Castle Community Woodland

The site at Rough Castle is pretty special and it’s listed as a scheduled monument and protected by Historic Environment Scotland. We have had to gain special permissions to undertake the work here and, complete it in a particular way. It’s been quite the journey but we’re really pleased with how they look now.

Lighting Test

Testing out some lights with LITE

We had a trial light night with one of our suppliers LITE

It was pretty exciting bringing the woods alive.

Aerial Acrobatics

Some aerial artistry in the woods

Some days at work are better than others and this particular day was a lot of fun. Our aerial acrobat, Miriam tested out the trees for her spot in our amazing event, Legion. She brought along local photographer Brian Vass and we were lucky enough to catch them both hard at work.

Legion Letters

Creative Carpentry

Local father and son duo constructed our Legion letters to be distributed to local schools, community groups and youth organisations to be decorated and displayed at our event Legion.

Projection Mapping

Test night with DLSV

A dynamic animation projected onto three- twenty foot screens. It was amazing seeing the projected animation at night and in the woods it really came to life.

Art Installation

Anna Bilyk - local artist, brings contemporary art to our ancient woodland

Anna’s large scale art installation is well on its way. The artwork highlights the contrast between the traditional and the modern by bringing together ancient symbolism and textures with modern light and projections. The art will dynamically combine the two worlds, give a modern twist on the ancient Pictish theme and bring a little magic to our ancient woodland.

Launch of Legion

The big reveal

We finally opened the gates of Legion for hundreds of people – what a fantastic night and atmosphere. Here’s a few shots of some of our features. Stay tuned for more.