Our Story

Rough Castle, an ancient Roman fortress, lies underused and underappreciated.

It should be so much more. It should be experienced. It should be loved. It should be a beating heartbeat of our community. And so it shall.

We’re going to use the land surrounding Rough Castle itself to present a variety of attractions, from winter wonderlands to summer events — experiences that will bring life back to the ancient woodland.

It’s not our woodland. It’s yours. So, come and experience it. Like never before.

Our Site

The Antonine Wall – a UNESCO World Heritage site, was the Roman Empire’s north-western frontier. Built on the orders of Emperor Antoninus Pius in the years following AD 140, it ran for 37 miles (60km) across Scotland’s central belt, from modern Bo’ness on the Firth of Forth to Old Kilpatrick on the River Clyde.

When it was completed, The Antonine Wall was the most complex frontier ever built by the Roman Army.

Come and see it brought to life, experience a light and sound show that will transport you back in time in the heart of central Scotland, Falkirk.

Rough Castle Community Woodland signpost

Our Mission

After learning all we know about our amazing site – we wanted to share all the things we had learned with as many people as possible!

We love the great outdoors, the beauty, the health benefits of getting outside and the amazing history and heritage on our doorstep, we want to encourage you to get outside and take some pride in what’s around. 
Whether you take a stroll around our new footpath network, ride your bike across the site, hire a Segway and experience it on your very own personal transporter – environmentally friendly of course – we want to share this phenomenal site with you.

This is just the beginning of our story – we hope to develop new chapters over the years to come….

We’ll bring you some fun and exciting experiences along the way – emphasising the natural beauty around and capturing your imagination – so stay tuned to hear more on our future plans and developments by signing up to our newsletter.

Our Philosophy

We are part of the community and use local suppliers, businesses and employees to support the local economy and bring communities together.

We are innovative, creative, entrepreneurial people who try to do things the right way, not the way it has always been done, by being honest, open, and flexible.

With us, what you see is what you get. Warts and all.